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Your Case Is Important,
And Who You Hire Really Does Matter.


Terry’s dedication and substantial trial experience and serve to maximize client recoveries, more often than not through favorable settlements outside the courtroom. The lawyer you hire can make a difference in the amount of your recovery and whether your case settles out of court.

Terry is a skilled trial lawyer with extensive trial experience. Before starting his own firm in 2004, he spent 9 years representing large corporations and insurance and trucking companies. This means we know where and how to find hidden details that make a difference for our clients, ensuring they are fully and fairly compensated for any harm endured. Furthermore, insurance companies know which attorneys are experienced trial lawyers and which are not and, not surprisingly, the settlement offers an insurance company is willing to make generally always reflect that knowledge.


 Your Case Is Important

Your case is important, and we treat it that way. We are relentless when it comes to protecting our clients’ interests and obtaining fair settlements.

We promise:

  • If the law and facts entitle you to recover damages, we can help,
  • To keep you closely updated and informed about the status of your case,
  • To always return your calls promptly, within 24 hours or less,
  • To guide you through the legal process and thoroughly answer any questions, and
  • To resolve your case to your satisfaction as quickly as possible.

Additionally, we will help you:

  • By handling all telephone calls and negotiations with insurance adjusters;
  • Find qualified doctors to treat your injuries, if necessary;
  • By handling all the hassles and paperwork for you;
  • By preparing and trying your case when necessary, Document your injuries and all of your damages;
  • By dealing with medical care providers to protect your credit with acknowledgment of liens or letters of protection;
  • By ensuring all sources available to pay your medical expenses are utilized, including any personal injury protection (PIP); medical payments coverage; governmental assistance such as Medicaid/Medicare; and private health insurance;
  • Increase the total amount of money you receive for any harm suffered — by negotiating reductions in the amount private insurances claim for reimbursement and/or in the amounts owed for medical care;
  • Investigate and find every potential source of recovery, including other insurance coverages which might apply, such as medpay, disability benefits, additional liability policies, underinsured motorists coverage, or uninsured motorists’ coverage.
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At our law firm, we have one attorney, a paralegal, and two legal assistants. Our size allows us to focus exclusively on the needs of our clients and their cases, rather than overhead and the cost of doing business. We represent injured persons and their families. That is all we do. Our clients range from the severely handicapped to those with less significant injuries. We have successfully represented thousands of folks and their families, ensuring each is fairly treated and compensated. Over the years, most of our clients have been referred to us by former clients. We are humbled and honored by the trust and confidence of our present and former clients, and we are always grateful for the opportunity to help and be of service.
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